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Restoration of early Auto-Lite distributors & custom stamped data tags

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Please contact us at;
Phone 760-842-1356
email wd4008@cox.net


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Pricing is subject to change without notice. Willys Distributors is not responsible for preventive maintenance or misuse of any distributor. All warranted items will be returned to Willys Distributors before a replacement is issued. Willys Distributors reserves the right to refuse service to any individual or company. Rebuild time will vary depending on quantity of items that need to be replated. Due to the age and the environment, items that have been sandblasted may show moderate to severe rust pitting. Once parts have been painted or replated any rust pitting will be visible. Items that have been Blued or have had Black Oxide applied are still susceptible to surface rust. All distributors will be paid for in full before shipping. Payment can be made with Paypal, money orders, or personal checks. Distributors that are paid with personal checks will be held until the check clears the bank. Shipping charges are the sole responsibility of the purchaser; shipping insurance is optional. Willys Distributors will not be held responsible for any damage due to shipping. 051306